Carrier Cloud (live)

by Vista Point

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released July 22, 2014

Guitar & Vocals: Richard Rauda
Guitar: Diego Hodge
Bass: Jake Minter
Didgeridoo & Hand Percussion: Chase Wells
Drums: Wil Splinter
Recorded by Robby Coleman



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Vista Point Palmdale, California

Formerly known as Richard Rauda

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Track Name: Carrier Cloud (live)
She's looking down from a carrier cloud
Words in her mouth that won't reach the ground
And in her mind she's opened her eyes
She's only blind, disabled by light

And we've lost ourselves
Locked the geniuses in cells

Faith's covered up, ya it's got a mask on
In God we trust but reading history books wrong
"This candle light, it widens my sight"
Says the girl with the bloodshot eyes
Where are we going? I don't know, seems we're stuck here in circles
She's like a sun dial put up on trial, hurtful and fake yet worth my physical while
So come fire, burn down her empires
Smash the serpents lift your people higher

Because we've lost ourselves
Locked the geniuses in hell

And sometimes I stay up at night
Look out my window and ask myself why
It can't be the way that it seems
When I'm awake as it does when I'm asleep